Bracelets for Men? Really?...

"Bracelets are feminine" or "only hipsters wear that stuff" is a phrase we sometimes hear from men who see our beaded bracelets.

We believe that your confidence comes from within, not from what you are portraying on the outside. A bracelet is not going to make you less masculine, if you are secure about yourself you can wear anything.
Men have worn bracelets for thousands of years, from bone bracelets that were worn by our prehistoric ancestors to skillfully crafted golden bracelets with gemstones worn by wealthy Egyptians.

This tradition continued through the middle ages, where warriors from various cultures wore protective armbands.

Bracelets had various uses, to ward off evil, to protect the ulnar artery in one's wrists and later to display power and status.

Today bracelets have evolved to a modern style accessory for men, a way of personal expression to help you show your identity to the world.

Unlike 15 to 20 years ago, where you would only see rock stars wearing heavy silver bracelets, today you will see a huge variety of men wearing bracelets for various reasons.
Reasons to wear a bracelet
  • You like wearing bracelets; our bracelets are a great way to add a personal layer to your outfit. You can dress them up with a suit or you can dress them down with shorts or jeans.

  • To serve as a reminder; our bracelets can also serve as a reminder of an important experience in your life. Some of the histories of our bracelets might even match your important experience.

  • You appreciate handmade jewelry and the history behind our stones; our bracelets attract a lot of positive attention and they are a great way to visually tell others more about your personality.

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