Striped Agate History

Striped Agate: Protection, Calm & Fortuity

Agate has been an important and precious stone since ancient times. The Assyrian, Babylonian and Ancient Greek civilizations all regularly used Agate. Agate was seen as a status symbol and was often used to make ‘eye-stones’ due to its striking patterns. Eye-stones were often incorporated into bracelets, rings, necklaces or inscribed to ancient kings, to ward off the ‘Evil Eye’.

You may have heard the phrase ‘getting the Evil Eye’. This dates back to ancient times, where it was believed to be a curse that could lead to misfortune or injury. This is why many ancient kings were presented with Agate eye-stones as a sign of good health and protection.


Agate Eye-stone presented to Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylon 600BC.


Protection and Calming properties
Chronicles throughout history record the use of Agate for its protection, healing and calming properties. In mythology the eagle placed an Agate in its nest, to guard its young against venomous predators. The Romans valued Agate for its medicinal and talismanic properties and believe it made the wearer ‘more agreeable, persuasive and would give them God’s favor.’

The strong belief in Agate has continued throughout history across many different civilizations. It’s popularity between the 15th-19th century in Europe lead to a world-renowned stone cutting and polishing industry in Northern Germany, where some of the best Agate craftsmen can still be found today.


At Aurum Brothers, we value the long history and powerful properties of Agate.
As modern warriors, we need all of the help we can get to navigate our current lives.
Our warrior ancestors believed Agate provided:

Protection for you & your family.
Healing of the body & mind
Favourable outcomes
Persuasive powers
Calming influence
Insomnia prevention

Our Agate bracelets are made with grade-A stones, premium metals and by expert craftsmen.



How to measure your wrist

We get asked a lot by our customers on how to measure their wrist, so we wrote a little 'how-to'.

 When measuring your wrist, stay as close to your hand as possible, like so (the circumference in the picture is 6.5 inches.)

When ordering, please specify the exact number on the measuring tape, we will make sure your bracelets will fit you nicely. You can specify your wrist circumference in either centimeters or inches. Please also specify whether you prefer your bracelet a little looser or tighter.


For example:


If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string to measure your wrist and lay the string back out on a ruler to get your measurement in inches or centimeters