Chrysanthemum History



Chrysanthemum gemstones originated in Asia over 2000 years ago and it is found primarily in China and Japan. Because of its popularity in Asia it is becoming an increasingly rare stone. The minerals in the stone are arranged in a way that resembles a flower, hence the name Chrysanthemum. Each stone has a unique combination of patterns and colors.

Chrysanthemum is the official symbol of the Japanese Imperial family, the imperial seal is a Chrysanthemum and the Japanese throne is called the Chrysanthemum throne. The highest honor a Japanese citizen can receive during his lifetime is the Order of the Chrysanthemum, merely six Japanese citizens have been decorated with the collar in their lives. Only those who found their true purpose and dedicated their entire lives to fulfilling their purpose left a mark on the world that was big enough to be decorated with the collar. Chrysanthemum stones are said to help you find your true purpose and to give you the courage to realize your true potential.

Chrysanthemum stones are also said to have a calming effect and can assist you bringing your body closer to balance. In an increasingly harsh and loud world
you can often find yourself out of balance, meditating or simply sitting with Chrysanthemum stones can aid you in finding the calmness and balance to stay true to your goals.

Chrysanthemum is a powerful stone for those who desire to find their true purpose and have the balance and calmness to fulfill their purpose!



How to measure your wrist

We get asked a lot by our customers on how to measure their wrist, so we wrote a little 'how-to'.

 When measuring your wrist, stay as close to your hand as possible, like so (the circumference in the picture is 6.5 inches.)

When ordering, please specify the exact number on the measuring tape, we will make sure your bracelets will fit you nicely. You can specify your wrist circumference in either centimeters or inches. Please also specify whether you prefer your bracelet a little looser or tighter.


For example:


If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string to measure your wrist and lay the string back out on a ruler to get your measurement in inches or centimeters